Digital Restaurant Menu Displays

Every restaurant, cafe or catering business wants to present its menu in some way and uses menu indicators. Some use chalkboards for this, some use light tables and some use banners. In fact, menu indicators are the key point of the entire service for businesses, where the entire menu, prices and visuals that will attract the customer are presented.

But menu indicators can never remain static. They need to be constantly updated for different reasons. Making these updates to the classic menu indicators is quite laborious and time consuming. Therefore, the management of menu indicators is a troublesome process for restaurants. So why would restaurants want to update their menu indicators?

Why Are Menu Boards Updated?

  • Chefs’ constantly developing skills in their profession and their desire to create unique menus,
  • Fluctuations in the costs of seasonally changing vegetables and fruits,
  • Competitive pricing, product selection according to competitors and arranging sales time,
  • Based on consumer demand, removing menu items and replacing them with popular products,
  • The desire to show different products to the customer; The more products appear, the more sales occur.

Changes to the classic menu indicators incur additional costs. Price and menu image must be re-prepared for each update. If you are part of a chain or group then this whole process applies to every branch. If there are 100 branches, that means a huge cost. When there is a new promotion or marketing campaign, it is necessary to make changes in all stores at the same time. Managing these processes manually requires a lot of manpower and time.

With current technology and digital screens, there is a solution to all this: Digital Menu Boards! At the same time, this solution provides a great reduction in costs, working days and time compared to classical menu indicators.

Digital Restaurant Menu Displays General  Technology news restaurants menu displays restaurant digital menus Digital Revolution in Restaurant Menu Displays digital restaurant menus Advantages of Digital Menu Displays

Advantages of Digital Menu Displays

  • It provides easy, fast and precise changes.
  • Digital Menu Boards offer higher quality graphics to entice the customer to buy.
  • All changes can be managed centrally in all branches.
  • Consistency increases and labor cost decreases.
  • Since the digital menu indicators are integrated with the Pos system, there is no mistake in pricing.
  • All menu items are available. You can change items such as breakfast, lunch, dinner at any time during the day and keep them for as long as you want.
  • With the widespread use of digital display technology, the price of Digital Menu Boards is decreasing.
  • Digital Menu Boards have a fast return on investment.
  • Business owners or managers can manage changes whenever they want, even from their home.

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