Breaking News: Animals Can Be Addicted to Phones Too!

It’s common for teens to spend most of their time on their phones these days. But when it comes to “a 16-year-old, 188-pound gorilla named Amare,” the situation doesn’t seem so normal. Amare currently resides at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo.

Cell phone addiction is thought to be caused by thousands of visitors who come every day to take pictures of it, thus showing their cell phones. Although technology seems to be harmful to animals in this respect, it is used effectively in zoos and wildlife conservation programs to monitor the health of animals, to make them live happier, and to ensure that they do not feel lonely, especially when parks and gardens are closed.

Breaking News: Animals Can Be Addicted to Phones Too! General  Technology news technology affects smartphone addiction latest tech news Animals and technology
Gorilla Amare

So What Do The Experts Think?

This is also the case for Amare, who lingers on the phone. A prime example of this is when video players were given to white-faced saki monkeys at the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki. This device allowed the monkeys to choose what they wanted to watch and when, and reduced their stress. The positive effect of technologies used at home and making our pets happier is also evident. Experts generally agree that technology is more beneficial to animals than harming them. The two examples above seem to support these views…

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