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  • Digital Transformation in the Restaurant Industry Technology News  restaurant digital menus food and beverage business digital transformation in Food & Beverage digital marketing plan

    Digital Transformation in the Restaurant Industry

    When we are trying to fit life into the house due to the coronavirus, the cook in many of us has gone out. We hear the voices of those who say “Yes, this happens at home too” and see their posts. But we believe that there are different truths that many people do not put out; -“What if we could…

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  • Developments in Restaurant Payment Systems Technology News  Food Technology fast food restaurant business Contactless payment methods Cloud Based Payments Cardless Shopping

    Developments in Restaurant Payment Systems

    The fast food restaurant business, which has a hundred years of history, is undergoing a radical change these days. As the name suggests, fast service restaurants, which were founded on the understanding of quickly serving the food they demand to restaurant customers, are starting to implement the technological solutions that are suitable for them in order to benefit from the…

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