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By | December 25, 2017

Top Best Christmas Songs:“Jingle bell! Jingle bell! Jingle all the way”, it’s probably the first thing that comes to our minds when Christmas is fast approaching. Yeah, it’s certainly a tune we can’t resist singing along with others and dancing a jig too. But one can always have the DJ spin the disc and switch the track to a new song, especially so, if you’re a venturesome teenager, willing to resort to bold new ways, yet have a healthy appetite for piety, by indulging in festivities like Christmas. But do not, and I mean, do not get fooled by songs like Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe, just because it has something to do with Christmas, lest you ruin Christmas.

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So let’s not waste time any further and give these amazing songs a listen, also, load them on your playlists for when you’ll be celebrating a very merry Christmas, later.

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(1) Micheal Buble – Christmas: There’s no better song to start your Christmas with, than this number by Michael Buble. He’s arguably the man with the finest voice in western music. This song’s actually a recreation of U2’s song of the same name, but Buble fills the gaps that we didn’t notice in U2’s work.

(2) Coldplay – Christmas Lights: Coldplay is best known for its piano rock genre. It has a long-standing history of being the band creating the most tranquil music.

(3) Coldplay – Have yourself a merry Christmas: Songs by Coldplay band are a strong pick, first resort when you’re looking to hit those tranquility nerves.

(4) John Legend – O Holy Night: We’ve all grown insanely addicted to John Legend’s ‘All of me’ since it first came out. Take a stroll down the history-lane and listen what John had to create for Christmas.

(5) Jason Mraz – Sleigh Ride: Jason’s usually like a cowboy with a four-stringed ukulele. But everybody needs a change. and Jason delivers just that, in this song well suited for those peppy Christmas moments.

(6) Colbie Caillat – Christmas in the sand: Colbie is one of those few artists in the industry who bring back the most classic tunes and effortlessly synchronize them to modern listeners’ interests. Don’t miss the ukulele’s bit in this song. It’s sure to give you goosebumps.

(7) Christina Perri – Something about December : If you overlook about 99% of charm in Christina’s voice and songs, she would still titillate you beyond measure.

(8) Sara Bareilles – Love is Christmas: “Honestly, I wanna see you be brave!” – rings a bell? of who this singer is? It’s Sara. You can only imagine how gentle and lovely her piece of work would be for Christmas.

(9) The Killers – Christmas: There’s such a tasteful elegance about Brandon Flowers’ voice. If you have a country-music, this is what you want to gorge on. Dig in, cowboys!

(10) The Killers – Don’t shoot me Santa: We’ll end the list with a comical, yet catchy song. Every girl likes funny guys. Run this song in the background, and you could put on some funny act, just to make her laugh, this Christmas.