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What Is A Cloud Kitchen

Changes in our lifestyle also pave the way for changes in the food and beverage industry. Everything that changes in the lives of consumers affects their consumption in some way. The concept of the ghost kitchen, which has come to the fore after the pandemic and remains up-to-date, is exactly the result of this situation. Let’s examine together the concepts of ghost kitchen, cloud kitchen and virtual kitchen, which have become popular with the focus on takeaway service of businesses that cannot provide service at the table.

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What Is A Ghost Kitchen?


The concept of a ghost kitchen emerges when a business stops the use of living areas and sells only what they produce in the kitchen through takeaway. If you are preparing to open a new business, you may only want to provide takeaway service. In this case, we refer to what your business does as a ghost kitchen. The dark kitchen is also used in the same sense.

Ghost kitchen businesses, which focus on take-out service, aim to deliver their products to their customers quickly and efficiently. Ghost kitchen is one of the most popular concepts of today, thanks to its reduced work plan to easily prepare and deliver all takeaway orders coming from the website, intermediary platforms or over the phone.

What Is A Cloud Kitchen?


Cloud kitchen can be defined as a name given to kitchens shared by more than one business. In other words, cloud kitchen activities are carried out on a single kitchen area, with different – and in fact rival – businesses providing only takeaway service.

The biggest advantage of cloud kitchens is, of course, that it reduces expenses such as rent. Expenses are also reduced by sharing the same kitchen with different businesses, and perhaps by using different cloud kitchens in different regions, it can be transformed into a multi-branch business.

What Is A Virtual Kitchen?


If you have a business whose menu is specialized in any product category and you want to appeal to different customer profiles, the virtual kitchen is for your business. Let’s say you have a pizzeria, if you want to prepare a sandwich menu at the same time, you can open a sandwich business, and for this business, you can order takeaway online using your own kitchen. Thus, you increase your income under one roof.


Our new article will be about cloud kitchen Egypt.

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