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Developments in Restaurant Payment Systems

The fast food restaurant business, which has a hundred years of history, is undergoing a radical change these days. As the name suggests, fast service restaurants, which were founded on the understanding of quickly serving the food they demand to restaurant customers, are starting to implement the technological solutions that are suitable for them in order to benefit from the quick and easy solution benefits created by technological solutions.

Although solutions such as credit or debit cards have come to the rescue of quick service restaurants, operators who want to speed up their business have started to sail into new horizons in payment systems. New payment methods include contactless cards, cardless shopping and cloud-based payments.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payment methods are a very convenient payment method for operators who are concerned about both speed and security. After customers hold their cards on the POS device for a few seconds, the payment process takes place. No PIN or signature entry is required to complete the transaction. Contactless payment methods have multiple security elements against hiding personal information and all kinds of security problems. Businesses that start using contactless payment systems will be able to provide faster service to their customers and prevent slowdowns in payment.

Developments in Restaurant Payment Systems Technology News  Food Technology fast food restaurant business Contactless payment methods Cloud Based Payments Cardless Shopping

Cardless Shopping

A physical card was not used at the time of payment; instead, in the cardless shopping option where mobile devices or online methods are used, customers’ credit card information is transferred to the restaurant via the internet, mobile device or a different online method. When we consider the fast service restaurant scenarios, such a technological solution will work quite well for a customer who orders and pays via the website or mobile application without going to the restaurant, and returns home after taking the prepared order as soon as he reaches the restaurant. The cardless shopping method stands out as a viable option for operators who want to satisfy their customers with limited time.

Cloud Based Payments

Cloud-based payment systems can be summarized as customers entering a fast service restaurant, requesting the product they want from the cashier, sitting at the table, eating their meal and leaving the restaurant. If you think that we forgot to mention payment systems in this flow, you are wrong. Because the payment process is completed quietly in the background, without disturbing both the operator and the customer. Thanks to a series of buyers placed at key points in the restaurant, it is analyzed which customer ordered what, and the payment is made automatically through the user’s account. If this technology seems impossible to you, the new retail concept developed by the Amazon company Amazon GO stores to the promotional video We recommend that you take a look.

The use of innovative technologies at payment points in fast service restaurants is one of the important studies to improve the service offered to customers. Restaurant owners who intend to implement these systems in their businesses should be prepared for some possible problems that may be encountered in the transition to the new system. For example, all personnel working in the enterprise should be aware of the features of the new payment technology and have knowledge of how the new system will work. In an environment where the necessary preparations are completed and restaurant employees keep up with the new technology, it will be inevitable to experience a noticeable increase in the quality of the service offered in the restaurant and in total revenues.

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