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Digital Transformation in the Restaurant Industry

When we are trying to fit life into the house due to the coronavirus, the cook in many of us has gone out. We hear the voices of those who say “Yes, this happens at home too” and see their posts. But we believe that there are different truths that many people do not put out;

-“What if we could go and have a meal of that restaurant!” or,

– “There is nothing on our master’s kebab. Even if we make it at home, it is not like in the restaurant, brother!”

All these phrases will inevitably come back to people as a huge explosion of desire when ‘that day’ comes and they will throw themselves out with excitement. Those who can’t get themselves out with a concern in the first place will tell their homes and workplaces online.

Here are the two most important questions that food and beverage businesses should ask before reaching this point;

  • Will my client remember me?
  • What will be the perspective of my concerned client?

Surely you are asking yourself these questions and much more? Do not forget that other food and beverage businesses are also asking. Your solutions will be more successful if you can actually create questions from your customers’ eyes.

Because the internet works based on user feedback. That’s why it’s important to start preparing for ‘coronavirus-free days’ now.

Digital Transformation in the Restaurant Industry Technology News  restaurant digital menus food and beverage business digital transformation in Food & Beverage digital marketing plan

Is Your Digital Marketing Plan Ready for Coronavirus-Free Days?

Coronavirus days are a preparation period to create your digital marketing strategy and complete your deficiencies.

  • Is your website design and content ready?
  • Have you done search engine optimization work?
  • Have you created your social media accounts according to your target audience? Are your preparations for blog marketing complete? Is your corporate blog installed?
  • Are your advertisement designs ready in the online advertising section?

Your work does not end here, prepare to be active digitally. Your customers saw that they could cook well, and they enjoyed being able to cook.

Although not you or the chef of your business, many chefs shared their special recipes on social media from their own accounts. What do you think is left to be said? How can you reach the consumer with a different concept?

You can be a small buffet, a stylish restaurant or a tea garden. Eating or drinking coffee in a business is not just a plate that is put in front of you without getting tired. Sharing a special environment with its music and decoration, sharing with your loved ones, socializing is the pleasure it creates in people with the presentation of a taste prepared by an expert. How about looking at it from this perspective?

Social Media Requirements

The app is everything! How you say it is as much as what you say… Do not compromise on visual elegance. Pay attention to issues such as the use of hashtags and location, which are the requirements of social media.

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