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Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, Istanbul Saturday Events Ideas

Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, which stands out as the first modern and contemporary art museum in Turkey; draws attention with its unique location in Galataport. Standing out by hosting thousands of people every year, Istanbul Modern; is among the first places preferred by people who want to perform an artistic and enjoyable activity.

Address of Art and Artist Galataport

Galataport, which provides a pleasant walk to its guests with its 1.7-kilometer coastline by the Bosphorus; stands out with its innovations in culture, arts, restaurants, shops, and ports. Hosting hundreds of people every day, Galataport is appreciated for bringing together guests with different tastes at the same visiting point. People with a great interest in art can access many events and exhibitions through Galataport.

It is possible to say that Galataport, which has an unusual design with its low-rise buildings, and open-air walkways, is among the most important destination projects in the world. Galataport, which has a terminal constructed underground through a special cover, therefore hosts hundreds of tourists every day. Galataport is located very close to the historical peninsula. For this reason, it is easy for many tourists to explore the historical peninsula via Galataport.

It is possible to try the luxury and convenience of reaching the historical region you want by tram or bus through Galataport. Galataport, designed in a neighborhood concept, is expected to host 25 million people annually. People who want to experience a day full of gastronomic experiences, stylish shops, exhibitions, and cultural events can choose Galataport.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, Istanbul Saturday Events Ideas Best Destinations to Visit  Istanbul saturday events Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts Istanbul Modern Galataport Istanbul Modern Galataport

A Unique Art Experience at Galataport with Istanbul Modern

The benefits that art provides to people do not end with counting. All works of art from the past to the present; It is a beacon that sheds light on the history of humanity. Established in 2004, Istanbul Modern has hosted hundreds of artists since its establishment.

Istanbul Museum Of Modern Arts presents works and activities that attract the attention of people from all age groups, from 7 to 70. This museum offers a great advantage not only for visitors but also for artists; It also provides opportunities for the production of artists as well as various collaborations.Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, which has hosted millions of people since the day it was founded; He also touched the lives of many children.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts also draws attention with its architecture. This museum, which attracts attention with its design in international standards; bears the traces of the architect Renzo Piano. Renzo Piano, a world-renowned Italian architect; is also the recipient of the Pritzker Prize. He has designed various museums and art institutions such as the Whitney Museum, Centro Botín, and Center Pompidou.

What’s Inside the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art?

We mentioned earlier that Istanbul Modern is not just a museum designed to be visited. In this museum;

  • Exhibition halls
  • Library
  • Design shop
  • Training workshops
  • Event areas
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Cinema

Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts can be an enjoyable option for those who are looking for Istanbul Saturday events. Have you ever been to Istanbul? Would you like to visit Istanbul Modern?

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