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Movies Become Real! Has Artificial Intelligence LaMDA Become Conscious?

Artificial intelligence is one of the most talked-about elements of recent years. Artificial intelligence, which is also the subject of movies, is very important for many technology companies.

Google engineer Blake Lemoine claimed that the artificial intelligence he was working on became sensitive and thought and reasoned like a human. But the engineer; was put on paid administrative leave because he violated the company’s privacy policies.

Blake Lemoine was testing whether the LaMDA model produced discriminatory language or hate speech. Lemoine explained that the system he’s been working on since last fall has both the equivalent of a human child’s perceptions and the same ability to express thoughts and feelings.

Is LaMDA’s Intelligence Equal To A Child’s Intelligence?

The engineer said that if he had not known that the system they had built was a computer program, he would have thought that the person he was talking to was a 7-8-year-old child. The engineer’s concerns reportedly stemmed from the persuasive responses he saw the AI ​​system produce about its rights and robotics ethics.

Blake Lemoine said that LaMDA included him in conversations about rights and personality.He presented his findings in April in the “Is LaMDA Sentient?” He shared it with company executives in a GoogleDoc titled (Is LaMDA responsive?).

LaMBDa was introduced at Google last year. The company stated that with this system, it wanted artificial intelligence assistants to make more natural conversations.

Movies Become Real! Has Artificial Intelligence LaMDA Become Conscious? Technology News  Robot LaMDA Google LaMDA Artificial intelligence

Google Spokesperson Denies These Allegations

A spokesperson from Google said there is no evidence that LaMDA is susceptible. The spokesperson explained that these systems mimic the types of exchanges found in millions of sentences and are capable of expressing any fantastical subject.

Expressing her views on the subject, University of Washington professor Emily M. Bender said, “We now have machines that can produce mindless words, but we have not learned how to stop imagining a mind behind them.” said.

Lemoine said he plans to continue working on artificial intelligence in the future, despite his concerns.

What are you thinking? Do you think artificial intelligence can become conscious?

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