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How Are Restaurant POS Device Prices Evaluated?

POS devices are indispensable for restaurants today. POS devices, which used to only take and organize orders and had high costs, are now more cost-effective and meet many needs. The development of technology and its becoming more accessible also have a role in the decrease in the prices of POS devices, which are basically computers; because as the prices of computer components decreased, the prices of POS devices also decreased.
However, the cost of the components is not the only thing that determines the price of a POS device. For this reason, it is useful to be careful when considering which factors should be considered when evaluating the price of a restaurant POS device and whether the resulting cost is worth the product to be obtained in return.

Pay attention to what is included in the price of the POS device.

When you contact a company to purchase a POS device, the company usually tries to understand your needs. Most companies that exceed a certain size and level of professionalism will have more than one restaurant POS device in their product range. Roughly speaking, most companies have economically priced, balanced and high-performance restaurant POS devices in their product range.
Some companies offer POS devices with different features according to their usage areas. For example, in restaurants, there are POS devices that are fanless, resistant to liquid contact or impact resistant to prevent liquid spillage or deterioration of the device due to environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.
Apart from these, other additional features are among the things that affect the price of the POS device. One of the important factors to consider when evaluating the price of a restaurant POS device is to examine these additional features well. It is the common point of almost every person to want the best, the most beautiful and the most features when buying something. However, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the device is ergonomic, has a non-reflective screen or has a customer information screen, whether it is standard or optional (optional). Thus, a feature that is not actually needed is not added to the price of the POS device.
Apart from all these, are additional hardware included in the price of the POS device, or do they have to be paid separately? Most importantly, it is necessary to clearly determine which equipment is needed in the business. All issues such as which peripherals such as ticket printer, invoice printer, order screen, order printer for the kitchen are included in the price, which ones to choose, or which of these needs the POS company can offer you should be taken into account.

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Try the POS device, evaluate the price accordingly.

Most POS devices today are touchscreen, and keypad layouts vary depending on the POS software installed in them; however, there are still some models that are more complex or have unique features. For this reason, it will be very useful to try it personally and to test it with the staff when buying a restaurant POS device.

Do not disregard the opinion of your staff.

When choosing restaurant POS devices, external factors such as having a design that fits the brand image may come to the fore. But it should not be forgotten; These devices will be used by personnel. For this reason, it is useful to inspect the POS device and get their opinion on the POS device for real usage features and convenience. Giving staff the devices they have difficulty using will hurt the business more than they do.

Evaluate the company’s practices before the price for the POS device.

When you want to get a price for a POS device, if the company you are dealing with is an expert company, it will try to determine and understand the needs of your business by making a review and project. If your business is a single business with few branches or if you are communicating with the company remotely, the company representative may also try to make some determinations by asking you specific questions. A professional firm will focus on identifying your needs and solving them, not on selling as much as they can to you.

POS device price agreement should be clear and unambiguous

The company that will buy the POS device will prepare a contract for you after you have determined your needs and if you accept the main principles and conditions. This contract should be written in a clear and concise language, and should not include hidden payments or implicit statements.

How are the support services of the company providing the POS device?

Restaurant POS devices, even those that are resistant to environmental conditions and impacts, are devices that are likely to fail, like all electronic devices. For this reason, it is important that the company that will offer your restaurant POS device can also provide hardware support. Support service is like a kind of insurance. For this reason, questions such as whether the company that offers the restaurant POS device also provides support services, what this support covers exactly, and whether the company has a repair team within its own structure gain importance.
Most of the companies that provide professional support services have teams that can make on-site repairs. There are also POS companies that leave a spare POS device in order not to disrupt the processes of the business when the teams cannot make the repair on-site and have to take the POS device to the center. In short, it is also important that the company from which you buy your restaurant POS device has the infrastructure, equipment and workforce that can prevent your business from being disrupted in the event of a malfunction.
When you compare all these factors and evaluate the restaurant POS device options; it will be easier to see the pros and cons and you will be able to use a standard benchmarking method.

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