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Everything You Should Know About Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 Latest News Technology News  Samsung Galaxy S22 Review Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Samsung Galaxy S22 Samsung Galaxy Note 21
Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup could land soon, with a February 2022 release date looking highly likely, and leaks and rumors abound for all three devices in the lineup. These will be the successors to the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021, but also fill in the big boot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, effectively cancelling the flagship for the end of 2021, much to the surprise of Samsung fans. 

As such, the Galaxy S22 is Samsung’s next big flagship, and since the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 was canceled, it will be the company’s first big traditional phone in a year. We did see the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 support the S Pen stylus, and the clamshell Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 launched at the same price as a flagship phone — but for most consumers, the Galaxy S22 is the next big Android phone. 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup could land soon, with a February 2022 release date looking highly likely, and leaks and rumors abound for all three devices in the lineup. 

 Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs: What You Need To Know 

  •  Samsung Galaxy S22 Release Date Incoming

Rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be released in February, possibly on February 9th. Then it goes on sale on February 25th. This hasn’t been confirmed, but we’d be surprised if it doesn’t land in early 2022. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Price

Pricing unknown, but for reference, the Samsung Galaxy S21 starts at $799 / £769, and we may see similar prices again. 

  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 Design: Sharp Lines Can Play A Role

 The Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus may look similar to their predecessors, and the S22 Ultra is rumored to feature a more angular design reminiscent of the Galaxy Note series. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Latest News Technology News  Samsung Galaxy S22 Review Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Samsung Galaxy S22 Samsung Galaxy Note 21
White Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Color Variety

Leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus may come in white, black, pink gold, and green, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may come in black, white, green, and dark red. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Display

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is rumored to have a 6.06-inch screen, the S22 Plus is 6.55 inches, and the S22 Ultra is 6.81 inches. All three models are expected to have a 120Hz refresh rate, but that could be paired with the FHD+ resolution of the lower-priced two models and the Ultra’s QHD+ resolution. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Has 50MP Main Camera Technology

 The S22 and S22 Plus are rumored to feature a 50MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 12MP telephoto camera. It’s less clear what’s going on with the Ultra, but it could have a 108MP main snapper, a 12MP ultra-wide, and two 10MP telephotos. 

  • Samsung Comes with Surprising Specs

 Expect a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200 chipset, depending on region, and possibly the same amount of RAM and storage as the S21 series. That means up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage in the Ultra model, or 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage in the other models. We’ve seen a recent report suggesting the S22 Ultra has storage capacities up to 1TB. 

  • Samsung Offers Faster Charging Expectation

Leaks suggest that the S22 will have a 3,700mAh battery, the S22 Plus will have a 4,500mAh battery, and the S22 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh battery. With the exception of the Ultra, these are smaller than the batteries in the S21 series. However, the S22 Ultra may have an improved charging speed, possibly up to 45W. 

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