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5 Tips to Improve Service Quality for Restaurant Operators

Increasing the quality of service and providing services that meet customer expectations will bring new and loyal customers to your business and increase your income. Whatever the type and scale of your restaurant, we’ve compiled 5 tips for you to make your business and income streams more efficient.

Digitize Your Reservation Management

One of the most important workflows for large-scale restaurant businesses is definitely reservations. Error-free reservations enable your customers to choose your business more often. Today, much more is needed for reservations than traditional methods. Digital reservation management systems enable you to recognize incoming reservations over the phone, receive reservations for a table at different times of the day, and reduce your no show rate by sending reminders and confirmations to your customers for reservations. With Protel’s digital reservation module, CheckandPlace, a reservation system integrated into your POS system, you can track sales directly in your reservation system.

Fast And Error-Free Service Is Very Important

The basic need of restaurant businesses is to be able to manage both incoming orders and takeaway orders. The most important thing you need here is to have order processes created correctly… Thanks to the hand terminals integrated into your POS system, you can send the orders received within your business to your kitchen without any errors and instantly. You can easily manage these orders on your POS system. You can use all of the contactless order and payment functions thanks to compatible hand terminals.

Perfect Your Takeaway Processes

It is very important to provide fast service in your package service processes, to perform packaging and service correctly, and to be open to different payment methods. In addition, if you prefer a POS system that can integrate with popular intermediary platforms, you can manage all your package order processes through your POS system. MICROS RES 3700 and Simphony POS systems stand out as restaurant POS systems offered by Protel that you can easily integrate with takeaway ordering platforms. Delivery-centric restaurants are another popular trend in this century.

5 Tips to Improve Service Quality for Restaurant Operators Food Technology  what is a cloud kitchen service quality Restaurants Restaurant Operators Improve Service Quality delivery-centric restaurants

Provide Contactless Ordering And Payment

Today, restaurant customers want physical contact to be minimized. Therefore, using new technologies such as QR codes in order and payment processes will increase customer satisfaction. Protel’s QR Menu Order solution responds to all contactless ordering and payment processes. Working integrated with your POS system, QR Menu Order allows you to create an innovative service view.

Aim For Customer Loyalty

A loyalty module integrated into your business allows you to offer special deals to your customers you know well. Wizlo, Protel’s effective loyalty management solution, has the necessary technological infrastructure to offer special opportunities to the new customers you acquire. With Wizlo, you can segment your customers; You can offer personalized campaigns, discounts and opportunities to different segments. You can also reach your customers through a mobile application specific to your business.

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