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Robot To Be Distributed For The Elderly Living Alone

Loneliness brings many problems, both mental and physical. Especially in today’s world where individualization is increasing, elderly people are suffering from loneliness. Caring for themselves, remembering medication times, and communicating with their loved ones is very important for the elderly. Aware of this situation, the New York State Office For The Aging; will get help from robots to make life easier for elderly people living alone.


American People Live Alone

One-third of adults aged 45 and older in the US live alone. Experts think that loneliness has gotten worse over time. With the development of artificial intelligence technologies in recent years, robots that can be used for many different purposes have begun to appear.

The USA’s New York State Office For The Aging has activated robots to make companions to elderly people living alone. Robots that will be distributed to the elderly will be able to remind Americans to take their medicines, communicate with their loved ones, and talk to them.


Israeli company’s robots will be used

Authorities agreed with Israel-based technology firm Intuition Robotics for the robot. The company’s “ElliQ” robot is described as “a more proactive version of Siri or Alexa” and will initially be distributed to 800 people. The robot, named ElliQ, consists of a lamp-like face and a touchscreen tablet. The face with the microphone and speaker can turn towards the people with whom it interacts.

Thanks to all these positive points brought by technology, it is aimed to alleviate the loneliness of people.

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