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Big Day For Science! Scientists Brought Dead Cells Back to Life!

Immortality is a concept that many people dream of. Scientists continue to work on this issue! Reviving dead cells is a light of hope for many diseases.

Dead Cells Revived!

The New York Times reported that Yale University researchers successfully revived cells in the organs of pigs that had been dead for an hour in the lab. Hearts began to beat and the pigs’ bodies did not solidify as they normally would.

The team mixed the animals’ blood and an artificial hemoglobin with OrganEx, a solution containing an anti-inflammatory drug, nerve blockers (to prevent regaining consciousness), nutrients, and drugs that fight cell death. The project is the continuation of a decades-long breakthrough in which scientists regenerated the brain cells of dead pigs using a pioneering solution, BrainEx.

So Can Dead Human Cells Be Resurrected?

After this finding, the group wondered if it could rejuvenate the entire body. Business is not yet ready to help human patients. Subsequent studies will show whether the organs are functioning. Researchers will also have to measure the effects of OrganEx without nerve blockers and eventually test its work on humans.

Big Day For Science! Scientists Brought Dead Cells Back to Life! Technology News  science latest tech news human health human cell health news

There are ethical concerns that pigs can regain brain function, and it’s unclear when exactly it would be appropriate to experiment with humans. Just as synthetic blood is not yet ready for emergency services, this is far from it for now. If and when solutions like OrganEx are suitable for humans, the consequences will be huge.

In this way, the viability of organ transplants can be extended or it may be possible to collect healthy organs long after death. This, in turn, could lead to more transplants and save more lives. Technology can also limit damage to organs after serious heart attacks and strokes.

Ideally, this would give people a fighting chance to survive potentially deadly conditions. What do you think about this subject? Do you think we are close to finding immortality, or is immortality still a figment of the imagination?

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