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  • Food TechnologyHow Are Restaurant POS Device Prices Evaluated? Food Technology  what is a cloud kitchen pos devices how restaurants utilize pos devices how cloud kitchen works Food Technology cloud kitchen

    How Are Restaurant POS Device Prices Evaluated?

    POS devices are indispensable for restaurants today. POS devices, which used to only take and organize orders and had high costs, are now more cost-effective and meet many needs. The development of technology and its becoming more accessible also have a role in the decrease in the prices of POS devices, which are basically computers; because as the prices of…

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  • Food TechnologyWhat Is  A Cloud Kitchen Food Technology  what is a cloud kitchen virtual kitchen ghost kitchen cloud kitchen terms cloud kitchen egypt cloud kitchen

    What Is A Cloud Kitchen

    Changes in our lifestyle also pave the way for changes in the food and beverage industry. Everything that changes in the lives of consumers affects their consumption in some way. The concept of the ghost kitchen, which has come to the fore after the pandemic and remains up-to-date, is exactly the result of this situation. Let’s examine together the concepts…

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