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    Apple May Also Remove Charging Cable From iPhone Boxes

    Apple iPhones are very popular nowadays with their phone models. Apple, which has removed the charging adapter from the boxes, is preparing to remove the charging cable from the box with the iPhone 15. With the iPhone 12 series introduced in October 2020, Apple has now completely removed the charging adapter and headset from the box, and this decision was…

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  • GeneralBreaking News: Animals Can Be Addicted to Phones Too! General  Technology news technology affects smartphone addiction latest tech news Animals and technology

    Breaking News: Animals Can Be Addicted to Phones Too!

    It’s common for teens to spend most of their time on their phones these days. But when it comes to “a 16-year-old, 188-pound gorilla named Amare,” the situation doesn’t seem so normal. Amare currently resides at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Cell phone addiction is thought to be caused by thousands of visitors who come every day to take pictures of…

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  • GeneralDigital Restaurant Menu Displays General  Technology news restaurants menu displays restaurant digital menus Digital Revolution in Restaurant Menu Displays digital restaurant menus Advantages of Digital Menu Displays

    Digital Restaurant Menu Displays

    Every restaurant, cafe or catering business wants to present its menu in some way and uses menu indicators. Some use chalkboards for this, some use light tables and some use banners. In fact, menu indicators are the key point of the entire service for businesses, where the entire menu, prices and visuals that will attract the customer are presented. But…

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