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You Might Be Shocked: The Computer Powered by Sunlight

The computer powered by sunlight shocked many people!

Scientists at Cambridge University have produced a computer that can store energy and work with sunlight as a result of their experiments. Scientists have succeeded in building a computer that can store energy through photosynthesis and requires little energy to operate. Cambridge University researchers placed a colony of cyanobacteria known as blue-green algae (algae) in an AA battery-sized metal dish.

This metal container was then placed on a window sill where it could photosynthesize and generate an electrical current that could power an ARM Cortex-M0+ chip. Of course, the system is currently only in the concept stage, but the researchers hope that the algae-powered chips could be used in future IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

You Might Be Shocked: The Computer Powered by Sunlight Technology News  The Computer Powered by Sunlight photosynthesis latest tech news Laptop Computer

They cause less harm to the environment compared to traditional batteries and solar energy. Scientists say the advantage of using algae over conventional batteries or solar power is that it has a smaller environmental impact and can potentially provide continuous power.

Professor Christopher Howe, the senior author of the study, said: “The growing Internet of Things needs increasing amounts of power, and we think it must come from systems that can generate energy rather than store it, such as batteries. “Our photosynthetic device doesn’t run out like a battery because it constantly uses light as an energy source.”

According to the research, the algae-powered ARM chip was used to perform very basic calculations, consuming 0.3 microwatts per hour. While the energy use of normal computers varies depending on factors such as workload and age, this is only a small fraction of the electricity required to run an average computer.

If a normal desktop computer, for example, consumes 100 watts of power per hour, roughly 333,000,000 algae batteries are needed to run it.

This photosynthetic computer will be much more in the future.

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