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TikTok Coming With Its New Feature! So What Is This Feature?

Social media applications are preferred by many people today. Tiktok is one of these social media apps. TikTok, the most popular social media platform of recent times, has users of all ages. Especially in years, the circulating of the content has made the platform more effective. Now, TikTok is working on a new feature that will increase its competition with social media platforms.

It will be possible to share TikTok stories on Facebook and Instagram Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has been in a rivalry with TikTok for several years. Recently, TikTok has managed to gather a large user base.

This caused Meta to challenge popular apps Instagram and Facebook. As a result of these conflicts, Meta is starting to look more and more like TikTok. Especially with the proliferation of TikTok shares on Instagram, the platform follows a different strategy. For this, there is a feature that will allow the shares to be on Meta platforms.

TikTok Coming With Its New Feature! So What Is This Feature? Technology News  tiktok features tiktok Social media application Social media ınstagram

Tiktok Take A Step to Instagram!

According to the statement made by TikTok officials, TikTok stories can be shared on Instagram and Facebook. The new feature is seen as an attempt by TikTok to show more of its content on Meta-owned platforms. Thus, the proliferation of TikTok shares on these platforms will increase the visibility of TikTok.

Recently, Meta advised short-term video producers not to post TikTok videos on the platform. After the update, when you tap your TikTok story, there will be many social media in the sharing option. Afterwards, he will be able to perform this operation with the ‘Send’ menu.

In addition, these stories will be shared only as posts on Facebook, while they will be shared as both posts and stories on Instagram. The new feature will further increase the competition between Meta and TikTok. The Instagram algorithm has been acting for some time to reduce the visibility of TikTok videos on the platform.

For this, instead of uploading videos with TikTok watermark to Reels, it tries to shoot the same content with Reels. Recently, Meta introduced new Reels-focused features for Instagram and Facebook. Considering this situation, it is possible to say that the competition will increase even more in the coming days. There is no information about when the TikTok feature, which is still in the testing phase, will be available.

So, what do you think about TikTok and Meta competition? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.

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