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What is Apple’s New Lockdown Mode? Is Apple Lockdown Mode Safe?

Apple is one of the most important brands of today, with the products it offers for sale and its direction of technology. It is possible to maintain all this success by creating innovations.

Apple recently announced its new ‘Lockdown Mode’. This feature aims to protect at-risk users from highly qualified and targeted cyberattacks by private companies developing paid spyware with government support.

One of the most notable examples of such an attack was highlighted in a 2021 Guardian study. The report shows that more than 30,000 human rights activists, journalists and lawyers worldwide have been targeted using a hacking software known as Pegasus, created by NSO Group.

Kaspersky Chief Security Researcher Victor Chebyshev evaluated whether Apple’s new secure mode would be an effective defense against attacks like Pegasus and revealed what else it can do to reduce the risk of users being infected by targeted attacks.

What is Apple's New Lockdown Mode? Is Apple Lockdown Mode Safe? Technology News  security latest tech news iOS apple lockdown mode Apple

Is The New Mod Safe?

Lockdown Mode consists of a very useful set of functions and works for all internet users, not just high-level officials, activists or journalists. This setting is also very useful for anyone who suspects they are being followed digitally. However, people should not be under the illusion that their device will be completely safe after enabling Lockdown Mode.

The more difficult it is to attack these devices, the higher the price of zero-day vulnerabilities for the iOS platform will increase. However, as long as a device is operational, it can be tracked without the need for expensive spyware like NSO Group’s Pegasus.

This type of surveillance can be carried out, for example, at the cellular operator’s base station, or other equipment owned by the potential target, such as AirTag or AirPods connected via the FindMy ecosystem, can be used for this purpose. Attackers can access extensive device data, including photos, through this system.

How Can The User Protect Himself?

To fully protect themselves from such attacks, people should turn off their devices and place them in a Faraday cage. Of course, this extreme measure makes it impossible to use the device. The approach to security requires a compromise between daily functions and security. Such features make attacking more difficult, but cannot completely eliminate the risk of attack.

What do you think about this feature? Do you think this feature is reliable?

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