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What is Chatbot? How to Use Chatbot Tools For Customer Relations?

Providing chatbot service, Lugado helps brands improve their service quality with chatbot. Customer relations can be improved with corporate chatbot with Lugado.

Chatbots are applications where people communicate with a real person in a digital environment as if they were writing. Chatbots, which are used for different purposes, have become indispensable for various sectors and brands in recent years. These chatbots, which improve the customer experience and promote the target audience, can be used in different ways.

Chatbots can be used for different purposes, such as buying movie tickets, learning about your credit account, and finding out where your order is.

How to Use Chatbot?

The question of what a chatbot is and how it works may be a question for many.

It appears in front of users in many places such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, the brand’s mobile application, in-house website.

Chatbots, which help customers and visitors to have a better experience, communicate with users through dialogue. These applications, which inform the users and perform the desired actions, can be reactive or proactive.

Reactive chatbot types; The app is programmed to respond when asked a question. On the other hand, proactive chatbots can send the first message for the people who visit the page. With this message, the user can initiate a dialog if they wish.

What is Chatbot? How to Use Chatbot Tools For Customer Relations? Technology News  What is Chatbot corporate chatbots Chatbot usage Chatbot online Chatbot

How to Use NLP Chatbot?

NLP, which is a frequently preferred system in various systems; It can be translated into Turkish as natural language processing.

This processing; It aims to learn the structure of natural languages. Analysis of canonical structure; It helps to create innovations that will make human life much easier.

Written documents that can be translated easily in an automatic way, automatic command comprehension, question and answer machines, text summarization, automatic speech and information retrieval are provided in many areas.

With the development of technology, many things that we can see even in our daily life; uses natural language processing.

One of the simplest examples; word processing software can come across as carrying a spelling correction tool. These are in the form of software that checks the language rules by parsing the written text.

Reasons to Prefer Lugado, Providing Turkish Chatbot Service

Having stepped into the sector in 2012, Lugado has continued its existence as an R&D center since 2017.

Lugado, an IT and technology company; It facilitates the lives of institutions and individuals with its systems such as human resources chatbot, user support, customer relations and vehicle assistant.

Ease of Communication

Lugado, a dialog-based chatbot; It provides the follow-up of the dialogue by making sense of the written expressions coming from the opposite side.

At the same time, it exhibits a quality communication example with answers appropriate to the dialogue flow.

Opportunity to Live a Special Experience for You

A chatbot, designed to meet the needs and wants of the brand, improves the customer experience. Your Whatsapp Business account allows you to communicate with your customers in an integrated way with the chatbot.

Quick Communication with Turkish Chatbot

If people living in Turkey or speaking Turkish constitute your target audience, you can choose to use a Turkish chatbot. Lugado chatbot, which can write in Turkish, will be at your service very soon!

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