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What is Metaverse? Which Brands Use Metaverse?

The rapid development of technology can surprise many users. Metaverse, whose name we have heard frequently in recent days, continues to rise rapidly. The metaverse, which creates a new universe by combining the real and the virtual; attracts the attention of brands. Brands that want to follow innovations give Metaverse a chance.

What is Metaverse? Which Brands Use Metaverse? Technology News  Nikeland NFT Metaverse Balenciaga Metaverse Brands using Metaverse

So Which Brands Are Stepping into the Metaverse?


Nike took its new step for the ‘metaverse’ with Nikeland in collaboration with the online gaming platform Roblox. Inspired by Nike’s headquarters in Oregon, Nikeland brought Nike’s world to the virtual environment. According to the news of MediaCat, players can play games such as high above the ground and dodgeball at Nikeland, and collect prizes such as blue ribbons and gold medals to buy construction materials or virtual items for their avatars.

Of course, they do this by wearing Nike products online. One of the future plans of Nike, which has applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for the sale of virtual shoes and clothing a while ago, includes integrating important competitions such as the Super Bowl with Nikeland.


Restaurant chain Chipotle, which focuses on Mexican cuisine, opened the first virtual short-term restaurant in Roblox for Halloween.

With this project, Chipotle, which offers the chance to buy discounted burritos from restaurants in the real world with coupons, also offered costumes and treasure hunts to dress avatars in the virtual world.


Balenciaga presented its Fall 2021 collection in a closed game environment called “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow”. Collaboration with Fortnite introduced the brand to all players, even if they are not the target audience.

What makes “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” different is that players don’t have to make a new entry to Fornite. Mythological developments and the imaginary future are the inspiration for the collection set in 2031.


The job of care and beauty brands is more difficult than in the fashion world, because it is much easier for clothes to visually correspond in the virtual world than a cream or make-up product. Here, Clinique made it possible to own one of the three NFTs inspired by the well-known products of its followers, with a contest it organized on social media.

Today’s rapidly changing agendas; makes it difficult for brands to keep up with the speed of technology. However, brands aiming to achieve the difficult seem to come to the fore even more in the future. The brands that board the Metaverse ship early take an important step for the future of the brand.

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