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Whatsapp Working on Two New Features! What Are Those?

We use Whatsapp quite often in our daily life. We even use Whatsapp to communicate with our friends, family, partner, manager or doctor. WhatsApp, the internet-based instant communication service with the most users in the world, is doing its best to maintain this title.

The technology giant, which has left its mark on this year with the updates it has served since the first days of 2022 and the new features that make up the content of these updates, has no intention of stopping. Incoming information reveals that WhatsApp is working on two more new features.

According to the information served by WABetaInfo, the first feature the company is working on is for groups. Accordingly, users will now be able to understand more easily who the people participating in group chats are.

Whatsapp Working on Two New Features! What Are Those? Technology News  whatsapp new features whatsapp app whatsapp Social media application Social media

WhatsApp Is Working On Two More New Very Important Features

Thanks to the profile pictures, of course. To expand a bit more, only the phone number or name appears in group chats for now. However, after the update, a profile photo will be added to these attributes. This will of course make it easier to be recognized in groups. The second feature the company is working on is actually about groups.

Accordingly, group administrators will now have the right to directly delete messages sent within the group. However, we can say that this feature will be criticized by many users, as we have seen many times before. As a matter of fact, some WhatsApp users are worried that the group administrators are given too much authority and this will definitely turn into abuse in the future.

What do you think about these new features of Whatsapp? Do you think these pose a security problem?

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